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The Team

At Poodly, we believe that

every dog must receive love and attention!



Our mission is to give pet owners the peace of mind they need by linking them with great pet care providers who will give their pets the care and comfort they deserve.


Our vision is to be UK’s number one online pet care platform that tackles the needs of pet owners and their pets through the provision of quality pet care services and products, no matter the location or circumstance.

Who are we?

We are an online pet sitting platform/company who believe that every pet deserves to receive attention, love and care at all times. We connect pet sitters with pet owners in most part of England especially the South East. Our main aim is to give pet owners the peace of mind whenever they are away on a holiday or at work. Our pet sitters who are professional and reliable do what they love doing while we take care of payments process and customer service issues.

Our history

Poodly Care Group was established in 2015, by a team of animal lovers who thought it was not fair for pets to be left feeling lonely or left in kennel when their owners were away on holiday or at work. He thought there should be someone who loves pets as much as their owners do to take care of them. We are pleased to announce that each passing day people who share the same vision as we do come onboard to help make pets feel loved wherever they might find themselves.

When you need a sitter

Want to go and attend to important issues or go away on holiday without feeling guilty or worried about leaving your pet in a kennel or locked up? We are here to help. We make it easy for you to find the perfect dog sitter who will treat your pet just the way you want him/her to be treated, with affection and care. All you have to do is to enter your postcode and browse through our sitters’ community who are located all over the United Kingdom and book online. All our pet care providers/pet sitters undergo a strict vetting process, interview, video and reference check.

Become a sitter

We accept everyone irrespective or your educational or professional background. You can either be a student, graduate, an in born pet lover, retired, or any professional background, you are welcome to join our community of pet sitters. We just want to give you the opportunity to make money whiles doing what you enjoy doing. We give you total control over your pricing and your schedules. You are also in charge of the kind of services you provide, it can be dog walking, pet sitting, dog boarding, dog day care, dog grooming/ bathing or any other services you can to offer.

Our team

We have a dedicated customer service team who make it easier for you to book a sitter at any time. Our team are always available to help and answer all of your questions.