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How it works

Hiring a dog sitter
has never been this easier!

How it works?

Hiring a dog sitter has never been this easier! At Poodly, we guide you with a step-by-step process for finding the perfect dog sitter in your area. Just sit back, relax and let our easy guide do the work for you.



1 Search all sitters in your area

Poodly has a huge database of sitters from all around the UK, many of which reside in your area. To search all possible sitters in your neighborhood, simply enter your postcode, and press enter to browse all dog sitters – or call our customer service and we will find one for you. Yes, it’s that easy!


2 Set a schedule, book your sitter and conveniently pay online

Poodly makes it possible for you to conveniently schedule your appointment with the sitter at any time, with our 24/7 online portal. Once the dates are set, and you are happy with your dog sitter, then you can conveniently pay online at our website, and we will handle it all.


3 Leave the rest to us!

Our dog sitters have been strictly vetted and trained to take care of the dog in a cage-less environment, and to provide daily updates via photo messages to the customers, so that they are informed that their pet is in good hands. Stop fretting and enjoy your time, because your dog may already be having more fun than you are!