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How to make Sitting Work

How do I work out the period of time my rate cover?

Sitting: if you are offering a 24 hours pet sitting to a pet owner, we advise you to always discuss the times with the pet owner before providing such service. You must make the pet owner aware of any additional charges if you exceed the agreed 24 hours.

Dog Boarding: This service normally runs for 24 hours or more, your rate should always cover activities such as evening and morning walks, feeding and play time.

Other Service: Other services such as dog training, dog day care, dog walking and dog grooming must be discussed with the pet owner before providing such services.

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What does General Enquiry mean?

This is mainly about pet owners wanting to know more about you the services you before deciding to book you. This enquiry is sometimes to ask you some general question to find out whether you are a perfect fit for their pets. We will forward all general enquiries made by pet sitters to you in order for you to response as quick as you can.

What does reservation request mean?

This is when the pet sitter has decided to book you and want to reserve a date for him/her. When a pet owner request for a reservation it means they are ready to make payment, we do not take payment until accept to make a reservation for them. You can take the opportunity to meet them and make the necessary agreements at this point before the agreed date of service.


Do I get to decide which dog or pet to watch over?

As a self employed pet care provider, you have the power to choose which dog or breed you prefer and are comfortable to take care of. You can make this clear to pet owners by making it known on your profile, you can do this by going on your dashboard and making the choices that suits you. You can also decide to discuss it with the pet owner on your first meeting before the schedules date of service.

Am I allowed to watch over other pets?

You are at liberty to choose which ever pet you prefer to take care of, we normally encourage member to be more flexible with their choices in order for them to get more bookings. We advise you let pet owner know on your profile about how happy you are taking care of other pets this will make communication much easier for the both of you.