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Tired of going for a walk with your
dog after a tiring day at work?


1 Dog walking

Too tired after a taxing day at work? Well, have no worries! Our sitters will gladly take your dog to the nearest park out for a dose of his/her daily fresh air. All you need to do is to log on our site and we’ll find a perfect pet care provider for your pet’s needs.

2 Pet sitting

Leaving town for work, to visit family, or off on holiday? Well, our dedicated dog sitters will take good care of your dog whilst you are away. We strive to keep your dog as happy as he or she can be and when you return, you will discover that your dog has been having more fun than you have!


3 Overnight visiting

Have a holiday? Or even some important business meeting in some faraway city? Just give us a call, and we will arrange a dog sitter for you who will take care of your beloved dog day and night. Leaving during the night due to some work or an emergency? No problem, our 24/7 service will help you find a sitter at any time of the day.

4 Dog home boarding

No matter how much you are attached to your pet, there will come a time where you will have no choice than to leave him/her is the care of a qualified caring person. You could be admitted at the hospital because of ill health or go on a holiday or a long business trip. This is the time where you have to look for a proper dog home boarding for your pet when you have no friends or family members to help you out. Our pet care providers are always here to help


5 Day Care

Want your dog to have fun whilst you are at work or attending other important commitments for the day? Look no further, we are here to help. Our pet sitters will watch your pet in their home while you are away for the day. Your dog will have all the fun in the world with our dog sitters or with other dogs in their care. Your dog will gain more confidence through interaction and socialising with other healthy dogs. They will have lovely comfy dog beds, gardens and areas to relax when they get exhausted with playing and jumping around.


6 Dog grooming

This process includes trimming of dogs nails, bathing, hair removal and stripping (pulling dead hair from the coat of non-shedding dogs). Grooming is good for your dog as it helps reduce your dog’s chances of skin health problems such as scratches and thrush. It improves and maintains the general cleanliness of your dog, it helps create a much stronger bond and connection between you and your dog and helps improve the lifespan of your dog. It as well reduces infestation on the skin of your dog hence giving him/her a healthy nice looking fur.


7 Dog Training

Some of our pet care providers also provide dog training services. Having your dog trained will help strengthen the bond and enhance the relationship you both have. Your dog undergoing training will enable him/her to overcome some unusual behaviors and also help you develop a fun way of communicating with him/her.