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Dog Grooming & Training

Some of our pet sitters go an extra mile to make your dog feel pampered and loved. They do this by providing the special services such as:Dog grooming: This service is mostly about making sure your dog is in a good hygienic condition. The process includes trimming of their nails, bathing, hair removal and stripping (pulling dead hair from the coat of non-shedding dogs). Grooming is good for your dog for the following reasons:
• It helps reduce your pet’s chances of skin health problems such as scratches and thrush.

• It improves and maintains the general cleanliness of your dog.
• It helps create a much stronger bond and connection between you and your dog.

• It reduces infestation on the skin of your dog hence giving him/her a healthy nice looking fur.

• It helps improve the lifespan of your dog.


Dog training: Some of our pet care providers also provide dog training services. Having your dog trained will help strengthen the bond and enhance the relationship you both have. Your dog undergoing training will enable him/her to overcome some unusual behaviors and also help you develop a fun way of communicating with him/her.

In order to get in contact with any of our pet care providers, all you have to do is to register and create an account with us. Please remember to include personal details such as
• Your Name
• Your Phone Number
• Your Home Address
• Your Email Address

These details are shared with the sitter you make a reservation with to enable easy communication between the both of you. Poodly will use this information to contact you in future to alert you on any offer or services.

After you are done creating your profile you can browse our sitters community and look for a pet care provider who provides such service for your dog. Once you find a pet care provider you can go ahead and send him/her a message, you can do this by clicking on the “contact the sitter” link. Please make sure to complete all the information needed on the sitter’s contact form.

PS: We recommend you contact more than one pet care provider as some of our service providers might not be available for the schedule you have in mind.