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Overnight Visit

Leaving during the night due to some work or an emergency, going on holiday or even some important business meeting in some faraway city? Look no further, we are here to help. Overnight pet sitting is one of the ways you can pamper your pet.

Like humans no animal like to be left by him/herself all throughout the night. Having a pet sitter to stay overnight enables your pet to stick to his/her night routines and ensures their security.


Depending on what you prefer, you can have the pet sitter stay with the pet in your home or in the sitter’s home. Pet sitters who sit in your home do the following:

• Bring their own food, drinks, laptops and linens and stay for usually 12 hours.
• Start with an evening walk
• Adhere to all the rules and routines already laid out for the pet by the owner.
• Make your pet feel very cosy by giving them lots of cuddles and making sure the bed linens are clean and comfortable for a good sleep.
• End with a morning walk

PS: We recommend pet owners give a proper details of the their pet’s night habits and behaviours if there are any. Also it will be more fun if your TV remote works well.

However if you prefer your pet stay at the sitter’s home, please remember to add items such as your pet’s food, medication if any or anything that your pet is attached to such as a leash for his/her morning and evening walks.


In order to get in contact with any of our pet sitters, all you have to do is to register and create an account with us. Please remember to include personal details such as
• Your Name
• Your Phone Number
• Your Home Address
• Your Email Address

These details are shared with the sitter you make a reservation with in order to enable easy communication between the both of you. Poodly will use this information to contact you in future to alert you on any offer or services.
After you are done creating your profile you can browse our sitters community and look for a pet care provider for your pet. Once you find a sitter you can go ahead and send him/her a message, you can do this by clicking on the “contact the sitter” link. Please make sure to complete all the information needed on the sitter’s contact form.

PS: We recommend you contact more than one sitter as some of our sitters might not be available for the schedule you have in mind.